About Us

Nature Inspired — a slogan that says a lot about us. We base just about everything we do on this principle, so it was only natural to make it our mantra. Driftwood Naturals was born from a simple ideology:

Educate Ecologically, Produce Responsibly, Sell Passionately

Our Mission

Dedicated to creating a healthier world through natural, enriching, and affordable vegan self-care products that leave a minimal impact on the Earth.

Our Vision

The Canadian benchmark of quality and soul-enriching vegan self-care products accessible to all, driven by collaborating with individuals as focused on creating a healthy and sustainable Earth through the blend of natural ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship as we are.

Our Values


It’s with conservation and stewardship in mind that we create a safer and more gentle alternative to today’s health products. From understanding ingredients and the impact they have on us, to recognizing the ecological footprint of single use packaging—we aim to make a long-lasting difference in the way self-care products are created and shared, as well as in the way people nourish their bodies and souls.


Personal and professional, we sustain the responsibility of taking ownership of our actions. We work hard to do good in all, and we accept no other way to be.


We believe that safe and natural self-care should be accessible to everyone, and we work hard to make this a reality through honest pricing, serious value, and rich quality—entirely to ensure you get unrivaled bang for your buck.


It’s so important to always be evolving, and to recognize newer, safer, and more ethical approaches that are better globally. We are always searching for forward-thinking ideas and innovation.


Our creations are a reflection of our very hands and individual identity, all in every single product we deliver. We achieve this with tenacious creativity and thoughtful solutions to real challenges.


Hard and diligent work is in our blood. We believe the world moves positively forward when we aspire to ceaselessly push boundaries; facing challenges (what we call “opportunities for growth”) head on.


We love and are passionate about what we do. This joy permeates every personal care product we create, and every partnership we form with the firm resolve to achieve great things together.

Meet the Creators of Driftwood Naturals


Born into a farming family, Melissa was introduced to the benefits of natural practices at an early age — and that’s why natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly products have been a passion of hers since she was a teenager. With a background in corporate marketing and design, she has accumulated extensive professional experience in operations, customer relations, and project management.

Well-traveled, creative with her hands, and social by nature, Melissa has been able to merge all of her interests into one dream: Driftwood Naturals. Instinctively, she found herself at the head of her own business, applying all of her know-how to be able to offer high-quality products created with her own hands.

Fun Fact: "I jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet (yes, with a parachute, of course!)"


Bruno has always been driven by curiosity, especially regarding something’s systems and functions. The world of natural products and their benefits have always fascinated him. Nature — that grimoire of information! Knowledge, perseverance, and continuous learning are his main motivators. Innovation and complex problem-solving are second nature.

Deeply involved in large-scale manufacturing companies in the past, he has been able to put his expertise in the sourcing of high-quality materials to good use, including in solving complex problems related to sustainable development on operational, technical, and chemistry levels.

His passion for natural products, his curiosity, and his steadfast commitment led him to collaborate with Melissa in creating their own range of natural products in 2020. In this way, they offer their customers healthy, accessible, and eco-responsible alternatives for their well-being.

Fun Fact: "At a crossroads in the thought process of starting an entrepreneurial project, it was between the choice of pursuing my deep passion — underwater macro-photography and exiling myself below coconut trees — or facing Quebec’s harsh winters to offer pure, exquisite, natural products like handcrafted Essential Oils and unique Synergy Blends."

We think it was a good choice. In any case, he doesn't regret it!

Many Thanks to You

A big thank you to our respective families, who give their time and energy so generously. To our close friends who are always there to encourage us and gust our sails. And our incredible customers for such wonderful encounters and exchanges.

A toast to our collaborators and outlets who help us to expand our footprint, project our image, and reach out to new customers. And, finally, to our world-class suppliers and key partners, without whom we couldn't offer such exquisite, natural, supreme-quality products made with meaningful certifications — all to embolden your eco-responsible conscience.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us!

Our Promise to You

The value of our products is not only quantified by their price, but also by the promise of what they will be:

Handmade with Love

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Biodegradable and Made with Recyclable Packaging

Made in Quebec with Canadian Sourced Raw Materials

Zero-Waste and Minimal Ecological Footprint