We are always on the lookout for partnerships with local businesses to better serve our customers and expand our presence. Whether you run a gift store, a zero-waste store, a grocery store specializing in natural health products, or even a multi-store chain, we'd love to hear from you.

Our Noteworthy Expertise: Our prior, long standing industry exposure and professional experience in the field has allowed us opportunities and understanding of what the benchmark for quality raw natural ingredients is. Because of this understanding, we have established relationships with quality suppliers, giving us the ability to create a complete product that is clean, ethical, and affordable.

Our Exceptional Service: We offer low delivery charges with an easy-to-reach order threshold, and our products feature authentic GS1 Canada barcodes — making inventory management, receiving, and selling a breeze. What's more, we guarantee fast delivery times!

A Personal Relationship

A member of our team will be happy to assist you with integrating our products on your shelves, as well as with publishing them online and on social media. We offer a "media-package" designed to simplify your behind-the-scenes operations, saving you time and effort.

We like to take the time to get to know you, learn the dynamics of your team, and engage in discussions to optimize your sales. If you're organizing workshops or virtual sessions with your community of subscribers, we're always available to meet and support you in your promotional activities.

What's more, we offer workshops on how to make your own Cosmetics, Soaps, and Candles, with the aim of sharing best practices and providing sound advice to anyone increasingly keen to create their own.

We do not offer consignments.

We Offer Several Benefits:

Low Prices

Benefit from our attractive — and highly competitive — low prices on our large range of local products, tailor made to be accessible to businesses (and customers) of most budget-ranges.

Competitive Margin

Earn a competitive margin with added and increasing benefits for committed partners, specifically developed to boost investment turn-around. From our business to yours, we understand what’s needed for growth and we can help you get there.

Catalogue Diversity

Diversify your product offerings with unique blends and aromas — proven to catch the attention of potential buyers — and expand your inventory with high-quality goods.

Local Product Variety

The value of supporting, buying, and promoting local is irrefutable. Access a wide variety of local products to meet your customers' needs and support a better way of doing business.

Become a Driftwood Distributor

Take advantage of our partnership by becoming one of our distributors.

Quality Products

Offer your customers authentic quality products.

Diversify Your Offer

Work with Driftwood to diversify your product offering.

Exceptional Quality

Get access to exceptional quality artisanal products made of the highest quality raw materials on the market, and made by people as passionate as you are.

Business Growth

Grow your business by offering high-quality products from a reputable, reliable, and established company that’s able to guarantee stable prices, the offset of raw material price hikes, and trustworthy business.

Our Promise to You

The value of our products is not only quantified by their price, but also by the promise of what they will be:

Handmade with Love

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Vegan and Cruelty-Free

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Biodegradable and Made with Recyclable Packaging

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Made in Quebec with Canadian Sourced Raw Materials

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Zero-Waste and Minimal Ecological Footprint

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