Our Philosophy

We only accept creating products that are:

Handmade with Love

Our products are uniquely and lovingly handcrafted. Each exceptional, authentic creation reflects the passion of our craftsmen.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Our products are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, respecting both nature and animals. When you choose us, you choose an ethical and responsible lifestyle.

Biodegradable and Made with Recyclable Packaging

Our biodegradable products always utilize recyclable packaging, offering a sustainable solution and an Earth-friendly lifestyle.

Made in Quebec with Canadian Sourced Raw Materials

Our exceptional collection of products is completely made in Quebec with Canadian sourced raw materials. Artisanal quality and national pride guaranteed!

Zero-Waste and Minimal Ecological Footprint

Our products are designed to be zero-waste and leave a minimal ecological footprint. With us, you opt for a sustainable way of life while protecting our planet.

Don't just buy a natural product — buy the experience and authenticity that comes with it.

We are the reference in natural products — our expertise is matched only by our passion. This has enabled us to create a wide range of gorgeous Synergy Blends that amplify the benefits and attributes of the Essential Oils that make them up, all grouped under several themes each as unique and authentic as the next.