Continuing to make our mark in the world of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Massage Oils, Cosmetics, and Candle casting, we provide established brands (or other companies operating in these fields) with the know-how, manpower, and production capacity to meet their requirements.

Whether the desire to outsource part of your production is a strategy for mitigating risk to your operations, a method to fill sales contracts in busier periods without investing heavily in your equipment, or an avenue for boosting your revenue — contact us to discuss your project and one of our specialists will help you achieve your goals.

We place the strength of our contact-network at your disposal to facilitate logistics, the management of your supply chain, and the warehousing of inventories — all necessary for an easy and successful realization of your project.

Our level of involvement is entirely dictated by you. From the simple development of materials supplied by you with your recipes and methods, to recipe optimization of all raw materials, ingredients, and packaging support. Even graphics and label printing!

It’s entirely up to you.

We'll be happy to discuss your needs and the solutions we can unlock for you — allowing you to fully concentrate on promoting and expanding your business.

Creating Signature Aromas

Signature Aromas

Would you like to create your own fragrance? One that stands out from the competition, and that offers your customers a unique olfactory experience?

Signature Aroma Creation is available from Driftwood Naturals. With this, you'll be able to create unique scents that are similar to your favourite perfume or smell! Modify and create a fragrance in your image, for your image.

Various Compositions

Looking for a fruity, floral, or woody product? Or maybe you want to recreate a favourite aroma? Let us suggest a variety of compositions to suit your needs, tastes, and personality. Using Essential Oils and fragrances, we'll concoct the recipe that's closest to your ideal.

One of our strengths is recreating some of the most popular and sought-after aromas, all while using our expertise in Essential Oils and natural fragrances at an affordable cost.

Candle Casting


Wicks of all kinds — even multiple!


Can be poured in regular or completely non-standard containers (including taller than 8" or in volumes greater than 2 litres)

Wick Trimming

Wick trimming to suit any recipe or container

Production of Soaps, Shampoos, and Cosmetics

Soaps & Shampoos

Cold saponification Soaps and Shampoos made with Essential Oils and fragrances, micas and oxides, and botanical colourants

Unregulated Cosmetics

Cosmetics not regulated by Health Canada (including products like Lip Balms, Deodorants, and Moisturizers)

Technical Support

Our strength: Technical support in formulating your products and troubleshooting your most challenging recipes, all while working with constantly opposing or contrasting production parameters. Oils and alcohols, Essential Oil accelerants, saponification inhibitors, botanical colourants, as well as infusions and tinctures

Liquid Filling

Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Natural Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils

Custom Creations & Blends

Synergy Essential Oils, Salves, Serums

Marketing Support and Busy Periods

Strategic Management

Need strategic management of your operational assets? Extra guidance on production redundancy? Assistance with contingency and backup plans? We’re here to help.


Busy periods, sales peaks, or major contracts to be completed in a very short amount of time? We can assist you.

Our outsourcing service will save you a lot of headaches, whether in terms of manpower, equipment, storage space, or investment — all at marginal total cost.

Our Promise:

  • Great service, flexibility, and quality
  • Traceability of all your products
  • Compiling your supplied inventories before and after the production order
  • Impeccable finishing and completion of your project on time and on budget

Qualification Questionnaire

Our Promise to You

The value of our products is not only quantified by their price, but also by the promise of what they will be:

Handmade with Love

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Biodegradable and Made with Recyclable Packaging

Made in Quebec with Canadian Sourced Raw Materials

Zero-Waste and Minimal Ecological Footprint