ARCHIVE - About us

Who does not have a story to tell? A pain spot that drives you to act, igniting a fire, to develop a passionate approach to change. This is the birth story of Driftwood Naturals.

Let me start by introduce myself.

My name is Melissa. I grew up in a family of farmers and as a kid I dove into all things creative. Naturally, in my adult life, I find myself with the constant need to be working with my hands. They say our happy place is often what shaped us as a child.

In 2019, as I was approaching a leave from work for the birth of our first child, it was evident that creativity needed to find its place with me again. I would need to find my inner child, my expression outlet, as I grew into motherhood with a child of my own. I had been working in the domain of construction for over fifteen years, consulting or providing specialty services to contractors, developers, builders and trade professionals. I had watched these projects take off, grow and come to fruition. It was time to do this for myself.

Natural products and health-conscious alternatives have been an extension of me, something I took interest in long-ago. What is going into our products and why, the process in creating them, the temporary and long-term effects on our health and the planet - where was this coming from and why the derivatives from natural? I slowly started integrating natural products into my every day, everything from food, health care and relaxation. Soy-based candles were one of the firsts that I acquired and started burning at home.

I love candles, fire, and the warmth they create. There is always a good story or memory around an open flame. I had been educated on what was in the candles we were buying previously and I sourced and fell in love with natural soy, nontoxic candles. “Why am I not doing this?”, I thought to my present-day self. I am a mom. I have a baby. I am invested in the quality of the air we breath and loving the idea of being home for the most crucial time of my child’s upbringing. I need to be offering this to everyone.

The idea was there but we parked it until we made a huge move from the Outaouais region to the Montérégie region during the first wave of a global pandemic. COVID-19 had struck and was something completely foreign to all of us, resulting in many, many months of isolation indoors; our indoor air quality had never been more important. Finding the ability to relax in a time of uncertainty and instability, was now. It was time to take this artisanal business idea and turn it into something, something for everyone. Offering a gift of light and scents from nature, and making sure it is accessible to all. It was too important for me, too important for our family.

We hope you will find comfort, your zen, your good karma, optimism, whilst amongst the flame of one of our pieces; turning darkness, into light.